Live blog: “be active 2012” – Day 2

Post co-authored by Aaron Fox (AF) and Jacquie Tran (JT).

JT: Some interesting perspectives presented at the social media symposium this afternoon. I have some contrasting ideas to what was discussed, warrants some more “chewing time” and a thoughtful blog post. Nevertheless, it’s an exciting time to be involved in knowledge work of any kind, in any discipline – the opportunities afforded by the web-based tools available have opened up avenues for growth in research and practice that simply did not exist before.

AF: Some good bits and pieces so far from the social media symposium at be active 2012.

Evert Verhagen (@EvertVerhagen): Medical care cannot be replaced by mobile phone/table apps.

Nello Marino (@SMACEO): Don’t put anything on social media you wouldn’t write in a letter.

Caroline Finch (@CarolineFinch): Keep your social media completely professional if that’s how you are going to use it. Don’t mix and match with your personal life.

John Orchard (@DrJohnOrchard): Tweets are public comments and can land you in hot water.

AF: All settled in to day 2 of be active 2012. Another great keynote from Art Kuo this morning discussing how humans can become more economical in gait. Considering Art’s work has implications for walking economy in amputees, it was interesting to hear his viewpoint on Oscar Pistorius and whether he had an unfair advantage running against able bodied athletes at the London 2012 Olympics. Researchers are always having to justify their work, so hopefully the social media symposium that is about to start pumps up the use of blogs, and hence justifies what I am doing right now!

JT: Day 1 of be active 2012 went by in a flash, but it was a great way to start the conference. As is always the case with multidisciplinary conferences, it’s eye opening (and inspiring!) to see the breadth of research being done to advance sports medicine and sports science knowledge and practice. Some great sessions on today as well, though unfortunately there are three I am particularly interested in but are running concurrently! Still, plenty to look forward to and a bit more preparation to do before I present tomorrow afternoon.

Live blog: “be active 2012” – Day 2

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